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Portal frame

Time:2014-06-12 Clicks: 733
Portal frame is a traditional architecture, the upper main frame structure includes steel oblique beams, steel columns, braces, purlins, tie bars, gable structure. Light weight steel portal frame house has a simple force, clear force transmission path, shot production time, short construction period and other characteristics. It is widely used in industrial, commercial and public facilities, such as cultural and entertainment industry and civil construction. Light weight steel portal frame house originated in the United States, after almost a century of development, it has come into a good standard architecture in design, manufacture and construction.
The main features of this structure type are: it reflects light, fast, and efficient features. It adopts new energy saving building materials, which achieves construction site assembly, convenient and quick , saving construction period ; durable structure, beautiful appearance, high quality and low price , obvious economic benefits ; column layout dimensions freedom and flexibility to meet construction; can satisfy with different climate conditions.
Main applications: workshop, supermarkets, exhibition, warehouse and other industrial and civil construction.

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